Sunset aperitivo at Ostia | Sandy beach

Experience sunny Ostia:

14 km of beaches and a huge pinewood embrace this neighbourhood of Rome on the west coast.

Built on a stretch of coast where once there were swamps and marshes only, it used to be the vacation place for rich roman citizens in the 20s and 30s of the 20th century.

Now it is a vibrant coastal town, only a thirty minutes train ride from the centre of Rome, where you can experience days at the beach playing beach tennis, beach volley, sailing, kitesurfing; or enjoy the sunset on the sea drinking a spritz and slow dancing to the sound of local DJs, feet in the sand; or walk through the center admiring villas and buildings of the rationalist architecture, or ride a mountain bike or take a good run through the magnificent pinewood that embraces the outskirts of the town.

Fine weather from early April to late October lets you enjoy “open air life” and activities.

Travel experiences in Ostia:

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