Steve Daniel

Steve Daniel, Washington D.C., USA
“Chiara and Federico who live nearby in Ostia Lido met us at the Ostia Antica train station and walked us to the site gate where we picked up official site audio guides which were excellent. Ostia reminds one very much of Pompeii, but while it is almost as large, it is a great deal more convenient to visit, and much, much less crowded. It was the port for the city of Rome from around 80 BCE through the early 100s CE when due to siltation problems a new port was built nearby, after which Ostia was gradually abandoned and figuratively and literally sank into obscurity. Like Pompeii, the city includes a theatre, a forum, temples, baths, tenements and mansions, a much larger site than we have the energy to explore completely at our age. Our hosts very tactfully guided us through the process of prioritizing our time and energies. After a comfortable, yet informative time in the ruins, we moved on to excellent lunch in the shadow of a castle built by Pope Julius II (think Rex Harrison in Agony and the Ecstasy). Lunch included great local food and a surprisingly lively conversation about things to love and things to hate about living in Italy.”

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