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TripAdvisor Reviews

Chiara and Frederico’s walking tour of Ostia Antica was very well organized. Walking thru this ancient port city and hearing the history was very special. At every turn there was another amazing site. Chiara and Frederico were very knowledgable and explain the workings of this great ancient port city. The walking tour was private and any questioned asked was answered. This is one of the best tours I have ever taken. Plus the lunch @ Borghetto was amazing. Do not miss Ostia Antica and do not miss seeing it thru the eyes of Chiara & Frederico. Wonderful guides.


The most important thing is that Chiara and Federico are very nice and careful people. They just want us to feel good, they are very good communicators and they talk about Ostia with passion and knowledge. The choice of the restaurant is also very good, a small family restaurant with delicious food. And on the Ostia Antica site, pines and flowers smell so good! You really need to do this! Enjoy:)

Sorin L
Sorin L2019-10-15

Absolutely the best way to explore Ostia Antica. They answered all our questions as we toured the city. Lunch was fabulous and we enjoyed their company. They also helped us get back into Ostia Antica after lunch which I would highly recommend. We spent another 4 hours and saw so much more and had the place all to our ourselves. Just make sure you have water and lots of it. Would definitely recommend taking this tour – Ask them about the PEZ's!!

Elaine O
Elaine O2019-09-25

Very few experiences will surpass this one. I have been around for a long time and have traveled often and taken quite a few tours. This tour was offered with a freshness and openness that let us know that they were genuinely interested in what we thought and wanted to know. As much as I have studied the history of Rome, I discovered several new things on this tour. I have been to Pompeii but found this tour to be far more interesting and without the hassle of traveling from Rome to Naples to Pompeii. After the tour we had a wonderful lunch in Ostia where we were able to talk at length about the area and its history as well as our personal lives and experiences. I feel as though we made two new friends from Rome. Well done Chiara and Frederico!!


We loved our visit to Ostia Antica with Chiara and Federico! They met us outside the Ostia Antica train station- a mere 5 minute walk to the entrance of the archeological park. This is an amazing place and so close to downtown Rome. We were so thrilled with the chance to also visit the Borghetto, a medieval citadel across the street from the archeological park, where we had lunch and enjoyed authentic roman cuisine in a lovely restaurant. Our guests made us feel like old friends deep in conversation over great food and wine. We would definitely recommend that anyone coming to Rome not miss out on this unique opportunity to tour Ostia Antica with Chiara and Federico. Happy travels! Nancy


I’m so glad I decided to visit Ostia! It is quite a little gem, not far from Rome in distance, but a charming place. A big thank you to Chiara and Federico who were able to show me its charm. They are not just guides, but friends. They know all the best food spots, and I tried pasta that I didn’t even know existed accompanied by a pleasant conversation. It was a pleasure to spend time away from the crowds of the city center in the company of two truly professional and amazing hosts.

Elizabeth D
Elizabeth D2019-10-07

This October, I took a private tour of Ostia Antica with Chiara and Federico. What a great experience! My walking tour was fun and informative. I love Ostia Antica! Beautiful and atmospheric, with such historical significance. This couple's knowledge of the area is extensive–they are Romans and live in the town of Ostia, and can talk about the history as well as the contemporary scene. Best of all, I feel I made new friends with two exceptional people. Thank you for a great tour!


AirBnB Reviews

This was such a fun walk. I enjoyed thinking about the monks and knights as we climbed Aventine Hill. Chiara and her husband took us inside beautiful spaces we would not have found on our own as well as one of the best photo spots in all of Rome. We truly felt like good friends as we connected through the walk. Before we even arrived Chiara went above and beyond with helping me with information for some of the local cat rescues where I wanted to volunteer. She was fantastic. The meetup spot was easy as she sent a picture through (Hidden by Airbnb) the day of the tour so we could find it easily. We also enjoyed the fabulous Appertivo at the end of the tour where we were able to get to know each other a little more. I had such a good time the next day at Largo Torre di Argentina as Chiara suggested. I highly recommend not only this tour, but also their travel company for any of your other holiday needs 🙂


Such a beautiful walk!!! Chiara and Federico introduced us to a part of Rome that we knew little about with its history linked to the Roman Republic. The view of the city from the Belvedere is beautiful. The Fontana dell’Acqua Paola or as the Romans call it "Er fontanone" is very beautiful and the church of San Pietro in Montorio is a real jewel. The walk ends in Trastevere where Chiara and Federico have led us to enjoy an excellent aperitif chatting like old friends. We recommend this experience far from the crowd and in good company.


Had a great time! My hosts were warm and friendly with a sense of humor. But what I really liked was their passion for the subject. It was not a rote recitation. Well worth the price. Very much enjoyed the restaurant they chose for a delicious meal and friendly conversation. Did not feel hurried at all.


I’ve been in Rome many times but I didn’t know that behind the famous Piramide Cestia there was the Non-catholic cemetery: an hidden jewel. A mystical atmosphere wraps you as you enter the gate, it isn’t only a resting place with beautiful tombs of famous artists, among which the famous romantic poets Keats and Shelley, it is also a very well kept garden where you can take a walk, seat on a bench overlooking the Piramide or pet one of the cats living there. Thanks to Chiara and Federico that took us on this walk we discovered a site unknown also to many locals. From there with a short walk we went to the Testaccio Food Market that our guests told us had been opened for over a century in the neighbourhood. They showed us all the different stalls that offer take-away dishes, fruits, bread and pizza. We could choose what attracted us the most and ate it all together in the main piazza. Chatting with our guests had been the highlight of the experience that we suggest everyone to try.


Chiara and Federico, two Rome locals, met us at the Pyramid station. From there we walked around the corner to the entrance to what is officially known as the NonCatholic Cemetery. Chiara explained that although English language guidebooks always refer to it as the Protestant Cemetery or the English Cemetery, many buried there were neither Protestant nor English. Beautiful grounds with opportunity to pay our respects at graves of Keats and Shelley. Fun also to get close up view of the back of the Pyramid, eccentric tomb of what must have been a seriously rich Roman dude dating to 12 BCE. From the cemetery we strolled through the neighborhood to the food market. Wandered among the many varied stalls before making our lunch choices and then sitting together to eat while talking together about life in modern Rome and Italy. All in all a great experience filled with insights and opportunity to make new friends.


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Ostia Antica experience | Decumanus Maximus

Ostia Antica archeological park and Borghetto experience

LUNCH INCLUDED! A 3 hours nice and chatty walking tour through Ostia Antica: the largest archeological site in Europe and the Borghetto, a medieval citadel with its charming XV century Castle for an authentic Italian experience with locals.

( 10 Reviews )
From 89,00
Gianicolo to Trastevere walk | Belvedere

Gianicolo to Trastevere walking tour

ITALIAN APERITIVO INCLUDED! A 2 hours nice and chatty walking tour in Rome on a hill with an astounding view of the city, through unique places and monuments of the recent history of Rome that end in Trastevere neighbourhood: a city within a city.

( 2 Reviews )
From 69,00
Aventino: path to the hill

Monks and Knights walking tour on Aventino

ITALIAN APERITIVO INCLUDED! A 2 hours slow walking tour in Rome, from the Tevere river bank up to the Aventino hill, among medieval churches and monasteries, knights sanctuaries, secluded gardens and magnificent views of Rome that ends by the Circus Maximus.

( 3 Reviews )
From 69,00
Testaccio Experience | Food Market

Testaccio experience walking tour

SNACK LUNCH INCLUDED! A 2 hours chatty walking tour around Testaccio, a thriving, popular neighbourhood that tells a lot about Rome and its way of life: an authentic experience with locals.

( 3 Reviews )
From 69,00