Traveller experiences with locals in Rome, Italy.

Why choose this travel website, why us: Ideas for Travellers.

You travelled to Rome, Italy, before and you fell in love with this incredible city: the history, the huge monuments, the roman empire, the Vatican, the beautiful barocco churches and the narrow alleys of Trastevere so full of life, people and sounds, the Tevere river with the seagulls and the sycamore trees that turn red at sunset.

You are travelling to Rome again, or you are here already, because there are still so many things to see but, this time, you would like to experience the city as a local does and find out something that is not on a guide or discover places that only those who live in the city know of, or like to listen to stories about the eternal city that only a local can tell.

What if it’s your first trip to Rome? You would probably like to add some different spices to the classic menu of a first timer in the eternal city and learn something different that a typical tourist tour will not tell you.

You are travelling alone and, maybe, as a woman you’d rather visit the eternal city not on your own; or you are on a solo trip and you like to mingle with locals in total safety.

Well, here we are, Ideas 4 Travellers: so excited about sharing with you the way we live, in what we consider our home, the Eternal City of Rome.
We will try and help you see, hear, taste and smell life as a true Roman does, sharing with you stories and experiences, the way an old friend might – with passion, care and love for our special city.
We hope to tailor your trip here in Rome, offering a unique and authentic Italian experience: travel itineraries that will uncover a different Rome.

We will show some little gems unknown to most of our fellow citizens, we will tell you stories that are not history yet, but maybe talk about the city more than a book can do.

A way to experience Rome, to get to know her (for us is “female”: like the lady wolf that nurtured the twin brothers, founders of the city back in the 8th century b.C.) a little deeper and with new eyes.

The 3 steps experiences with Ideas 4 Travellers:

Step 1. Meet & greet “Ciao! Welcome It’s a perfect day to walk in Rome!”, let’s be friends.
Step 2. *Walk and discover* let’s take a look at the eternal city through our eyes, get a real roman insight, let the chit chat flow.
Step 3. Eat, drink and talk : it says it all!

Our experiences recipe

Small groups exchange: max 6/8 persons (details on each experience);
The two of us accompanying the experiences;
Informal, heartfelt conversations with local hosts and fellow travellers in group experience;
Off the beaten path, open air excursions; 
Light activity open-air.

Who we are

We are two tourism industry experts, with over twenty-five years of experience, well-healed travellers with a globetrotting background.
It has been our distinct pleasure to welcome and guide family and friends from all over the world, with special jaunts through the ancient streets of Rome.
Now, we’d love to extend this opportunity to others like you.

Our organisation provides equality of services and care to everyone, regardless of people’s age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation.
Our policy is of zero tolerance for racist or homophobic language or attitude.

Ideas 4 Travellers is based in Rome, Italy, EU

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Travel itineraries to discover a different Rome.
Ostia Antica experience | Decumanus Maximus

Ostia Antica archeological park and Borghetto experience

ITALIAN APERITIVO INCLUDED! A 3.5 hours nice and chatty walking tour through Ostia Antica: the largest archeological site in Europe and the Borghetto, a medieval citadel with its charming XV century Castle for an authentic Italian experience with locals.

( 10 Reviews )
From 89,00
Gianicolo to Trastevere walk | Belvedere

Gianicolo to Trastevere walking tour

ITALIAN APERITIVO INCLUDED! A 2 hours chatty walking tour on a hill that celebrates the history of liberation and unification of Italy and its most famous hero, Giuseppe Garibaldi. A walk with a unique wide view of the eternal city that will take us to Trastevere: a city within the city.

( 2 Reviews )
From 69,00
Aventino: path to the hill

Monks and Knights walking tour on Aventino

ITALIAN APERITIVO INCLUDED! A 2 hours slow walking tour in Rome, from the Tevere river bank up to the Aventino hill, among medieval monasteries, renaissance churches, knights sanctuaries, secluded gardens and magnificent views of Rome: a tour that ends by the Circus Maximus.

( 3 Reviews )
From 69,00
Testaccio Experience | Food Market

Testaccio experience walking tour

SNACK LUNCH INCLUDED! A 2 hours chatty walking tour around Testaccio, a thriving, popular neighbourhood that tells a lot about Rome and its way of life: an authentic experience with locals.

( 3 Reviews )
From 69,00